Top Execs On The Power Of Good Mistakes

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Top Execs On The Power Of Good Mistakes

Written by Sam Harrison for Fast Company 

"A mistake isn’t a failure," says riCardo Crespo, global creative chief at 20th Century Fox. "It’s a masked innovation, waiting to be revealed." 

Making mistakes is good for business. Yet some business leaders think mistakes are a bad thing. Let’s face it. It's not popular or common to achieve goals without making mistakes along the way. Whether you’re learning to do something for the first time or if you're a veteran, successful business leader - you’ve made mistakes. The key is to learn from your mistakes and to not make the same error twice. By gathering feedback and increasing your knowledge, you will become a much more effective manager and decision maker, which in turn will improve the execution of your business strategy and help to increase your business profits. 

Author Sam Harrison compiles a list of three guidelines to help separate workable mistakes from worrisome ones here.